How It Works

The Concept

Why Auctions?

An auction is the best way to get a fair price for both the buyer and seller.

Types of Auctions
1. A live auction - with an auctioneer in a hall, and audience in hall or online, or just online.
2. A timed auction - running automatically for a period of time without an auctioneer, with audience online.
Live Auctions
1. An auctioneer in hall
2. Audience in hall and online or just online
3. A video stream of the auction is transmitted to online users
Timed Auctions
1. Audience online
1. There are no hidden commissions or secret deals.
2. Everyone sees the bids coming.
3. When bidders chat with the auctioneer, everyone sees the chat.
4. When you sell, you see the winning price and what you will earn.
5. When you win, everyone sees the winning price.
6. When you pay for the goods, you see the breakdown to the win price and the shipping costs.
1. Buyers pay for the items they won in the auction.
2. We use Stripe as a payment processor.
3. Auctibles take a very small commission from the winning price.
4. Once buyers pass the allowed return period, money is immediately transferred to the seller bank account.
1. Shipping from seller to buyer is arranged through our platform.
2. A winning bidder pays for the shipping cost and the return cost
3. Shipments are insured according to the value of the item

Sell faster

Everything you need to run your auction

A full solution - creating an auction, running an auction, shipping goods to winners, and getting paid.

Fill Business Information
1. In order to sell on Auctibles you need to provide some information.
2. Information is required in accordance with tax regulation and banking regulation.
3. We need your business information and VAT ID.
4. Our payment processor requires Stripe requires information as is common in banks.
5. You will need to provide your bank account details.
6. Stripe requires business registration documents, and personal identification documents.
Create an Auction
1. Enter the auction name, a short description, and a cover image.
2. Set the start and end times of the auction.
3. Specify whether the auction is live or timed.
4. You will run a live auction as the auctioneer from a hall or virtually.
5. A timed auction runs automatically without an auctioneer.
6. For a live auction with audience in hall, enter the location details.
7. We will display a map of the location to your audience.
Exclusive Auctions
1. You can declare an auction as exclusive.
2. You upload to Auctibles the list of emails for the buyers invited to an exclusive auction.
3. Only buyer you invite can participate or observe an exclusive auction.
Add Items
1. Add as many items as you wish.
2. But note there are limits on the time duration of a live or a timed auction.
3. For each item, give a name, a short description, at least one photo.
4. Specify a starting price.
5. You should publish the item for it to be included in the auction.
Publish the Auction
1. Your auction should be published in order for your audience to see it.
2. Once you publish an auction, you get a link to share with your audience.
3. You can share this link via email, SMS, chat applications, social networks, websites, or advertising.
Groups and Curation
1. Create an auction for a group of producers.
2. Each item will show the producer's name and photo.
3. Thus, you can act as a curator.
Your Audience
1. Buyers visiting the auction page are your audience.
2. You will get the emails and names of these buyers.
3. You will get the emails of buyers asking to be notified about the auction.
4. We never share these buyers lists with other sellers.
5. We never share the buyers you invited to an exclusive auction with other sellers.
Run a Live Auction
1. Go to the Preview Auction screen.
2. Run the auction from the Auctioneer screen.
3. Chat with your audience from the Chat screen.
4. Enter bids from audience in the hall using the The Clerk screen.
5. Project the auction in the hall to a big screen from the Projector screen.
6. Broadcast a live stream of video and audio from The Video and Audio screen.
7. Track the audience in the auction from the Audience screen.
8. Print the numbers for the audience in hall from Audience screen.
Audience in Hall
1. A buyer gets a number to use when bidding from the hall.
2. The buyer can print this number from the auction screen.
Run a Timed Auction
1. A timed auction runs automatically from the start time to the end time.
2. Control the auction from the Auctioneer screen.
3. Chat with your audience from the Chat screen.
4. Track the audience in the auction from the Audience screen.
1. Once you publish your auction, you have a dedicated chat group with your audience
2. The chat is through our platform and only for users who are logged in.
3. You can continue to chat with your audience through the auction and after the auction.
1. After the auction the items that were sold appear the Earnings screen.
2. For each item you see the winning price, and how much you will get after Auctibles takes its commission.
3. In this screen you can track when winners made a payment.
1. Once a winner pays, you will get an email from Auctibles.
2. You should then set a pick up from the Earnings screen.
3. You must observe the maximum time to ship.
4. Buyers already paid for the shipment.
5. Shipments are insured according to the value of the item.
Getting Paid
1. When the item is delivered to the buyer, we wait for the allowed time to return items.
2. After that, our payment processor will transfer the money to your bank account.
1. An invoice on the seller name is issued to the buyer.
2. The invoice lists the amount paid for the item sold and the shipping cost.
3. The seller gets an invoice from Auctibles for the shipping cost and the commission paid to Auctibles.
1. Buyers can return an item according to the consumer laws within 14 days from the time of payment.
2. A buyer pays the shipping cost to return an item.
3. Shipments are insured according to the value of the item.
Bring Your Team
1. You can bring a team to help you run your auctions.
2. Each member of your team will operate through his/her user account that is associated with your team.
3. Invite your team members via email from the Team screen.
4. Team members operate the different screens on their computers.
5. Entering business and banking information is limited to you.
6. Team members can create and edit auctions.
7. Team members can run auctions.
Email List
1. We collect the name and emails of the audience of each auction.
2. You can download the email list from the Email List screen.
3. We do not share this email list to anyone.

Simply Bid

Fair and Transparent

Sign up, bid, win, pay, and have it delivered to your door.

Sign Up
1. Just full name, email, and country.
2. We ask you for a photo and a few lines about you, so the seller can get to know you.
Bid Live Online
1. Watch the video stream
2. Bid as prices go up
3. Chat with the auctioneer
Bid in Hall
1. Print you number at home and come to the auction hall to bid.
2. You raise your hand with the number when you want to bid.
3. Your bid is recorded at the price declared by the auctioneer.
Bid in Timed Auction
1. Bid while the auction lasts.
2. Price go up as you bid.
3. Chat with the auctioneer.
1. Your wins appear when the auction ends in the Wins screen.
2. You will be asked to pay within a set a period.
3. You pay the price at which you won the item and the cost of shipping including insurance.
Bidding is Binding
1. The buyer is obligated to fulfil the sale contract made with the seller.
Pay for Items
1. Payments are handled through our payment processor Stripe.
2. You can pay via credit card, and other common methods.
3. The suggested methods of payment depend on the amount.
4. There is no possiblity to pay with cash or with cryptocurrency.
Invoice to Buyer
1. You will get an invoice from the seller.
2. The invoice lists the amount paid for the item and the shipping cost.
3. The invoice will be addressed to the buyer and include the details of the buyer.
4. The details will include the buyer business name and VAT ID if provided by the buyer to Auctibles.
1. You will be asked for your shipping address before you pay.
2. Once you pay, the seller will ship the item to your door.
3. We use well known shipping carriers for the shipping.
1. According to consumer laws, you can return items within 14 days from the time of payment.
2. Arranging for a return is done via the Wins screen.
3. You need to pay for the shipment back, including insurance.
4. Once the item is returned in satisfactory situtation you will be refunded in full for the price of the item.
5. Cost of shipping and return is not refunded.