Our Vision

Auctions for everyone

Why Auctions?

An auction is the best way to get a fair price for both the buyer and seller.

Everyone should be able to run an auction just as easily as doing a video conference.

An auction is a good way to engage your audience.

People are attracted to the fleeting experience of an auction.

Live commerce is the rising new wave of E-Commerce.

Types of Auctions

Two kinds of auctions are natural:

  1. A live auction - with an auctioneer in a hall, and audience in hall or online, or just online.
  2. A timed auction - running automatically for a period of time without an auctioneer, with audience online.

A Live Auction

  1. An auctioneer in hall

  2. Audience in hall and online or just online

  3. A video stream of the auction is transmitted to online users

Exclusive Auctions

Upload a list of people you invited.

Only your invitees will be able to bid.


Once you publish your auction, you have a dedicated chat group with your audience

The chat is through our platform and only for users who are logged in.

You can continue to chat with your audience through the auction and after the auction.


There are no hidden commissions or secret deals.

Everyone sees the bids coming.

When bidders chat with the auctioneer, everyone sees the chat.

When you sell, you see the winning price and what you will earn.

When you win, everyone sees the winning price.

When you pay for the goods, you see the breakdown to the win price and the shipping costs.


Bidders pay for the items they won in the auction

We use Stripe as a payment processor

Auctibles take a very small commission from the winning price.

Once buyers pass the allowed return period, money is immediately transferred to the seller bank account


Shipping from seller to buyer is arranged through our platform.

Shipping includes handling of necessary customs and insurance.

A winning bidder pays for the shipping cost and the return cost

Your Audience

You audience is yours.

You can bring your audience, and you can take your audience with you.

We do not share your audience with other auctioneers.

Your Team

You can bring a team to help you run your auctions.

Each member of your team will operate through his/her user account that is associated with your team.

Our Passion is Auctions

In the past ten years we built several auctions systems in Europe.

These auctions systems are widely used in production with substantial load.

We have distilled the knowledge we gained from these systems into the Auctibles platform