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We built sale events, so you don’t have to dynamic prices + events = higher revenue

Dynamic prices
Economic theory shows that fixed prices are not optimal
People buy more in a limited-time event
Items sold at an event are perceived as scarce, elevating their value

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Your one-stop shop for dynamic sales events

Everything you need to run an event

All Types of Events

Showcase items without selling.
Run automatically and sell at fixed price.
Live Commerce
Video streaming to audience online and sell at fixed price.
Gauge Demand
Increase price of items every set period to gauge demand.
Decrease price of items every set period to clear inventory.
Live Auctions
Live auctions with audience in hall and online or purely online.
Timed Auctions
Timed auctions run automatically without an auctioneer.
Sealed Bids Auction
Auction runs automatically without an auctioneer. Bids are sealed and not displayed.
Auction runs automatically without an auctioneer. Only bids above a preset limit may win.

How You Do It?

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  • Preview Event
  • Add Item
  • Preview Item
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A full solution from selling to shipping and payments.

Simple and easy
As simple as a video conference.
Running an event is free
You pay us only when you sell.
Run exclusive Events
Only people you invite can bid and buy.
Payments from buyer to seller through Auctibles using Stripe.
Shipping from seller to buyer through Auctibles using well-known carriers.
Malls and Shopping Centers
Create an event for multiple brands.
Upload items to the event from a file.
Translation of your texts. Moderation of explicit content.
Bring your team
You can bring a team to help you run your events.